About us

Its not about fashion its about art

Good Doer by Gianneli ™ have been launched by Harry Gianneli with one goal.To inspire people through artistic designing.Harry Gianneli is a Greek fashion designer,content creator,and artist.Born June 22,1981 in Athens.

In 2009 launch his first signature ”against women abuse” t-shirt collection,which help him to introduce himself in clothing industry.

For many years Harry use to design limited edition garments for people around the world.In 2019 he decide to launch Good Doer by Gianneli ™ which is exclusively dedicated to bright side of life.At Good Doer by Gianneli ™ we envision a world in which people treat each other with respect and kindness,where we consider the earth to be our home to care for and to enjoy.

And we see that this world is in the process of emerging. People are sick of waking up to what’s wrong in the world. so we strongly believe that it’s time for a change.In an age of bad news and depressing social comparison,we launched Good Doer by Gianneli ™ with one goal.

Inspire people and make them feel good.Good things happen every day,and we’re here to tell you about them.Positive thinks is a reflection of this widespread movement and tells its powerful stories even on clothing and accessories.Good Doer by Gianneli ™ is here to make you feel and look good.We are here for enlivening your mind and soul.We are here for inspiring you for a better tomorrow.

Brand Protection

G I A N N E L I™ takes the protection of its brand very seriously and hopes that consumers know that anything carrying our trademark can be relied on.

We own a huge global portfolio of registered and unregistered trademark rights and none of these trademark rights, or any confusingly similar signs, can be used without G I A N N E L I’s consent. G I A N N E L I™ takes infringements of its trademark rights very seriously and takes legal action against those responsible.